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Enhancing social and behavioral wellbeing in classrooms, schools and organizations.


CONNECTION Capacity focuses on implementation of data, systems and practices to develop positive, safe ecosystems that impact the emotional health of students and adults.

Let us Partner in Building
your Climate & Culture


Disruptive Student Behaviors

Ineffective Classroom Management

Teacher Burnout

Instructional Time Lost

Poor Adult-Student Interactions

Let us Partner in Building your Climate & Culture
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offers Solutions


We provide goal-oriented support and guidance to arrive at actionable steps and measurable outcomes that directly impact campus/district plans.


We design and deliver in-person and virtual professional learning based on campus/ district needs derived from data.


We provide in-person and virtual job-embedded coaching sessions and technical support to enhance capacity
building for stakeholders.

With over 40+ years of combined campus, district and collegiate teacher and administrative experience, we are a results-oriented consulting organization, that focuses on utilizing our knowledge and experience in systems implementation to enhance school, classroom and organizational ecosystems and outcomes.  These systems include Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS).

We focus on systems implementation to enhance school
Our mission is to support teachers

We build capacity in the use of data, systems and practices to develop the whole child in areas such as:

  • Schoolwide behavior

  • Classroom behavior

  • Targeted & individualized student support

  • District-level behavior support planning & implementation

  • Evaluation & progress monitoring



Area of Focus

Explore teacher practices that create a learning environment where students feel empowered, engaged, and eager to learn. 


(Classroom PBIS and
Proactive Relational Practices)


Identify how to create an environment that fosters academic success, student and teacher well-being, and a positive school climate throughout your school.

(Schoolwide PBIS and 

Discipline Systems)


Discover practices to assess and develop districtwide behavioral support systems that cultivate student academic and behavioral growth.

(Systems Fidelity 

Development & Measures)


Connection Capacity is an innovative, researched based, multi-tiered training and support institution that has aligned and transformed the teacher support framework in our district.  They work with individuals, teams and organizations to enhance campus cultures through results-driven, pro-social and behavioral systems design.  By focusing on campus, school and district ecosystems, all levels within the organization are simultaneously impacted to ensure effective and lasting results.  Staff efficacy in successfully promoting the advancement of all learners in the academic environment is achieved through this outcomes-based consulting firm.  We highly recommend them for institutions desiring to create a cohesive and collaborative learning environment. " 

Tyra Walker

Executive Director Postsecondary Outcomes, Counseling and Responsive Services

Spring Branch ISD, Houston, Texas


Let us Partner in Building
your Climate & Culture

Connection Capacity Logo
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